Brian B. Kelly

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Our American, A Romance of Moscow is the second in a trilogy set in Russia, starting with The Irish Smuggler in 2013 and soon to be followed by Mother Russia later in 2017. The three stories are set against the end of the Cold War and the final days of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, its bizarre economy, the street battles, the hopes and heroism of emerging Russian democracy and independent Russian television, its spacebridges and beauty contests, just as the oligarchs and carpetbaggers arrive. Our American is therefore an introduction to Russia and Russians at a time of daring new beginnings and it introduces the character of Joel Barr, based on the true life close friend of Julius Rosenberg, who will be the protagonist in Commie Spy and The Soviet Patriot From Brooklyn, two other novels to publish soon. Moscow in the early 1990s was, for a few short years, a time of new American focus on Russia and a time of misguided help and exploitation. Our American is the romancing of an adversary, of a May-December love and friendship across space, time, culture and language. Our American, A Romance of Moscow, is available in a trade paper edition from and in both a paper and a Kindle edition from Amazon worldwide. You can read the first and second chapters on Amazon or on this website.

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Born toward the end of the Second World War, Bill Doyle, son of a tenant farmer and a school teacher, grows up during the 1950’s, largely unaware of the privileges his white skin has given him. Surrounded by those far more privileged with wealth and success than he, he enjoys life in a Maryland suburb of Washington DC after the family’s move from rural Ohio. Bill faces the crises of adolescence somewhat willingly and not without innovative daring, including a crisis faced by his nation: “Civil Rights”, the need to practice democracy or suffer from the world’s sour opinion and increased resistance. Equal rights for all citizens regardless of color, origin or religion. Equal opportunities under the law. Gradually Bill becomes aware of segregation in the border state of Maryland, between the North and the South, where social integration of blacks and whites is suddenly caught in the slowness of its progress. When whites couldn’t own blacks with a deed to prove it, anymore, there was Jim Crow. Decades upon decades of it. Segregation and Degradation. Bill’s reactions to the Movement struggles of the early 1960s will change his life forever. This story is one of that time, by one who lived it.

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Praise for The Irish Smuggler:

The Irish Smuggler is a rare find. Both a literary oeuvre and a gripping page turner. Highly readable in either context.”

 —Alexander Campion, author of the Capucine Culinary Mysteries

The Irish Smuggler is a multilayered yarn of intrigue and adventure on a global scale. Stories that emerge from The Troubles tend to be rich in passion and adrenalin. Brian Kelly has invested The Irish Smuggler with a rich count of both.”

 —Stewart Meyer, author of The Lotus Crew and soon to be published The Heist Broker

The Irish Smuggler is a great yarn! Well-written, well-researched, highly cinematic—and highly recommended.”

 —Rory O’Connor, author of Friends, Followers and the Future

“Any Harvard graduate can write a book but only Brian Kelly could have written this thrilling adventure, The Irish Smuggler. It cries out for the big screen or a mini-series for the smaller screens around the world.”

 —Sergei V. Skvortsov, President of Phoenix Films, the leading prime-time television producer in Russia

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Praise for Tropic of Paradise:

“Brilliantly researched, eloquently written, Tropic of Paradise titillates, entertains, and delivers the goods.”

 —Nik Douglas, author of Sexual Secrets

“This is about learning life from an experienced innocent in paradise, a story like Adam and Eve but without the snake.”

 —Dr. Debora Phillips, author of Sexual Confidence

“If Holden Caulfield had gone with Bill Flynn to the Tropic of Paradise, he would have had a much richer life.”

 —Richard Stratton, author of Smack Goddess, Slam, and Altered States of America

“In his nearly lost youth, Brian Kelly found on Tahiti a people and tradition still unspoiled. Is it any wonder he remembers it so vividly?

 —Stewart Meyer, author of The Lotus Crew

“If Henry Miller had gone to Tahiti instead of Paris he would have written Tropic of Paradise instead of Tropic of Cancer. But he didn’t so Brian Kelly had to.”

 —Richard Lourie, author of Sakharov and The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin