Brian B. Kelly

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Praise for The Irish Smuggler:

The Irish Smuggler is a rare find. Both a literary oeuvre and a gripping page turner. Highly readable in either context.”

 —Alexander Campion, author of the Capucine Culinary Mysteries

The Irish Smuggler is a multilayered yarn of intrigue and adventure on a global scale. Stories that emerge from The Troubles tend to be rich in passion and adrenalin. Brian Kelly has invested The Irish Smuggler with a rich count of both.”

 —Stewart Meyer, author of The Lotus Crew and soon to be published The Heist Broker

The Irish Smuggler is a great yarn! Well-written, well-researched, highly cinematic—and highly recommended.”

 —Rory O’Connor, author of Friends, Followers and the Future

“Any Harvard graduate can write a book but only Brian Kelly could have written this thrilling adventure, The Irish Smuggler. It cries out for the big screen or a mini-series for the smaller screens around the world.”

 —Sergei V. Skvortsov, President of Phoenix Films, the leading prime-time television producer in Russia

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Praise for Smartass!

“From farm boy to suburban teen, smartass white kid Billy Doyle grows up in a racially divided border state at the height of the civil rights conflict. Brian Kelly knows the territory, tells the tale with vigor, and gets it right.”

 —Joe Cottonwood, author of Famous Potatoes, Quake!, Four Dog Riot, and Clear Heart

Smartass is a smart, sweet coming of age story, evocative of a half-forgotten America at the cusp of tectonic national—and generational—changes that still deeply resonate. Kelly’s narrative and dialogue both crackle and continue to entice with each new work!”

 —Rory O’Connor, author of Nukespeak: The Selling of Nuclear Technology and Friends, Followers and the Future: How Social Media are Changing Politics, Threatening Big Brands, and Killing Traditional Media

“Brian Kelly’s Smartass promises us a wild horse ride in its opening lines and it delivers, but the book itself is more like a time machine that takes us
to a vanished time in American life. For people of his generation it will be a bittersweet nostalgic journey and for the young it will reveal a time and place where not only could a black man never become president, he was often forbidden to eat at the same lunch counter as whites. It’s important that the younger generation feels how close all that is in time and Smartass, among other things, does just that.”

 —Richard Lourie, author of Sakharov and The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin

“With a black man in the White House, racial politics in America is alive and well.  Brian Kelly’s novel, Smartass takes us back to a time when America was just beginning to emerge from its nasty history of bigotry and hate.  But more than a nostalgic trip down a not so rosy memory lane, the story is a reminder of how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.  Bravo.”

 —Richard Stratton, author of Altered States of America

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Praise for Tropic of Paradise:

“Brilliantly researched, eloquently written, Tropic of Paradise titillates, entertains, and delivers the goods.”

 —Nik Douglas, author of Sexual Secrets

“This is about learning life from an experienced innocent in paradise, a story like Adam and Eve but without the snake.”

 —Dr. Debora Phillips, author of Sexual Confidence

“If Holden Caulfield had gone with Bill Flynn to the Tropic of Paradise, he would have had a much richer life.”

 —Richard Stratton, author of Smack Goddess, Slam, and Altered States of America

“In his nearly lost youth, Brian Kelly found on Tahiti a people and tradition still unspoiled. Is it any wonder he remembers it so vividly?

 —Stewart Meyer, author of The Lotus Crew

“If Henry Miller had gone to Tahiti instead of Paris he would have written Tropic of Paradise instead of Tropic of Cancer. But he didn’t so Brian Kelly had to.”

 —Richard Lourie, author of Sakharov and The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin